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What is Digital Online Course?
Digital Online Course is an E-Learning Program. Our vision is to make learning easy, interesting, affordable and accessible to the end user. There are no classroom training sessions. It aim to empower the users with skills which will help them get an edge in their careers and improve their lives.

How does digital online course works?
First thing first! You need to fill the registration form. If you are paid user, you will undergo a training based on DOC Learning Methodology. You will also get the opportunity to make your member chain with us to make ‘learning’ a very rich and fruitful experience for the learners.

How to join the course?
To register for a training course please complete and submit the registration form by navigating to the "Registration Form". We will send an email acknowledgement.

Can I get the material used for the courses?
The latest material can be found on the User Panel Course pages, where you can avail it.

How much does an online class cost?
It will be only Rs. 6000. One time Payment for the complete course.

Where can I find more information about training courses?
The Course section of this site contains details of each of the courses offered. The course materials are periodically updated. If you previously attended a training course, you can get the latest up-to-date course materials.

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